September 19, 2013

TMA Guest Artist
Erwin Redl

A Foray into Glass

Perhaps best known for draping the Whitney Museum in red and blue lights for its 2002 biennial, Erwin Redl typically works with tiny light-emitting diodes mounted in a grid to play with viewers’ perceptions of space and architecture. But for his Guest Artist Pavilion Project (GAPP) residency at the Toledo Museum of Art, Redl experimented with another ethereal material: glass. His installation Floating, in Silence, consisted of 381 suspended glass spheres that were exposed to the subtle movements of the Glass Pavilion courtyard’s air current. Each glass sphere was handcrafted in the Hot Shop and half-filled with red liquid. The Austrian-born, Bowling Green, Ohio-based international artist discussed the conception and production of Floating, in Silence—his first non-light based public work—during a free discussion led by Associate Director Amy Gilman on September 19, 2013. “It’s really a magical place,” Redl told of the Glass Pavilion. “For me to work here was a real honor.”

Floating, In Silence is Erwin Redl’s first non-light based installation.